It’s allergy season. And my house has been unbearable of late. Millions of years of evolution and survival of the fittest but the tiniest dust sends me into sneezing fits to the point I feel like ripping my lungs out. I look accusingly at the air purifier sitting in the corner just making noise and doing little else. Why did I waste perfect money on this thing anyway if it’s as useful as a paper fan?

A quick read on air quality monitors tells me that I may have jumped the gun in buying an air purifier before monitoring my house for allergen hot-spots. Now that’s some fine print for you. So after some research on these extra bits of equipment that I apparently need just to be able to breathe like a normal human being, I settle on a Dylos. It’s a big ugly thing but apparently it detects the exact micro particles that turn me into a wheezing mess.

I basically pried it from the delivery guy as soon as he got there. Desperate people do desperate things, amirite? Then begun the placement around different spots in the house. One would mistake me for a nuclear detector. But the allergens were driving me up the wall by now. I didn’t care. They just had to go or I was gonna.

Turns out the basement was pretty moldy and was doing most of the fouling of the house air. Hubby is gonna get several months of “I told you so” given how I have been vocally concerned about that basement. For now, strategic placement of the air purifier in the basement and the surrounding areas at least has reduced the pollution levels to¬† point where I can get something that resembles a peaceful night’s sleep.

I wonder if that can be the inspiration for my next picture series.

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