Lesson Learned: Part of being an artist is exploring.  It means jumping from your comfort zone and trying new things.

While photographing a fabulous dancer early last fall I had a vision of an angel. I could see the image so clearly in my mind and after it popped into my head I couldn’t let it go. This vision literally nagged at me. It nagged me so much that when Halloween came I took the opportunity to purchase feathered wings.  Well a year went by and those wings sat in my prop storage drawing my attention every time I walked into the room.  Each time I saw them I took note on the dust collecting of them while the angel vision once again sunk into my mind. No matter how many times the dust was noted and the vision danced in my mind, I couldn’t get past that point.

Why you ask? The answer is very simple and extremely sad ….”FEAR”.

Yes, admittedly I feared that I couldn’t create the vision that haunted me and sadly I let the fear stand in my way laughing at me like a great nemesis. How powerful fear is that it stopped me from doing something that my heart was screaming at me to try. Then as if the stars aligned an opportunity arose  and instead of second guessing myself or allowing fear to dictate what I did next, I leapt. Without thinking I dusted those wings off and I took a leap of faith.  Everything about these images took on a life of their own and I couldn’t be more thrilled with them. These are my artist’s heart screaming to be expressed. They are tangible proof of my desire to create what I imagine and that when I push past my fear and self doubt anything is possible.


A huge thank you to the beautiful Emma Moody for finding me on Facebook and emailing me repeatedly to photograph her.  You are amazing and I look forward to future projects! And also to my fabulously talented friend Katie Lienert for being the best assistant and so much more.

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