I have been holding on this image for what seems like a while now.  I haven’t shared it not because it was incomplete or because I was unhappy with it, but instead I have been struggling to find its title; its identity.  After completing  this image I took a step back and realized that within it are so many stories and interpretations. I have found it really challenging to find a title that doesn’t spell it out for the viewers. This is a piece I want people to look at and find their own story within it.  So for now, the working title is “Pieces of Self”.  I am sure it will change as time goes on, but as of now it is still in need of its fitting title.

This image was inspired by a novel written by Charles De Lint   called “Dreams underfoot”.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading a story by Mr. De Lint I highly recommend his work. He writes the most amazing urban fantasy novels, which not only inspire but are also a wonderful escape when one needs a little magic in their life. Within his novel he includes a short story called “Uncle Dobbins Parrot Farm”, it was after reading this story that this image came to life.

I could share what this image means to me but instead I would rather know how it resonates with you.  So if you are so inclined share with me what you see, how does this/if at all resonate with you.

And as always, THANK YOU. Thank you to the beautiful Morgin Sheppard for helping me make this image come to light.

Girl in Attic, Modern Day Cinderella

And THANK YOU for stopping by and allowing me to share pieces of me with you.

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